Service Excellence

For over 60 years, Dallas County Hospital has been a trusted source of expert healthcare for you and thousands of patients throughout central Iowa.  Over this time, DCH has been loyal to the community and aware of your needs. We continue to promise you one-on-one quality care. 

DCH is working to meet your health needs by creating a culture dedicated to meeting our six pillars of excellence

  • Finance
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Growth
  • Community
  • People


Critical Access Hospital designation was awarded to Dallas County Hospital in July 2001, since then we have been able to offer you and your family expanded services such as new equipment and state-of-the-art facilities


DCH continues to improve skills and equipment to provide safe, high quality care for you.  We take part in National Care and Quality Standards to make sure you are well taken care of.  We also want you to be more involved with your visits, which is why we have implemented a brand new computer system to make visits easier and safer and implemented health literacy procedures so you know the best way to take care of yourself.


At DCH we continue to add new services and doctors to improve your overall care.  We understand there are many dimensions to care, from education to prevention to taking care of illnesses. DCH offers programs on diabetes and COPD.  We also continue to grow our Specialty Clinics so that the best services are offered to you close to home including general surgery, bone and joint surgeon, and kidney specialities.  Other services offered to you are Davita Dialysis Center, PET scan, midwifery, and support groups.  You do not have to drive long distances to get great care!


At DCH we know you have choices in healthcare.  This is why we have built the Spring Valley Retirement Center, remodeled areas in the Hospital such as the 10th St. Bistro and emergency room, and built the South Addition which house a new main entrance, registration, specialty clinics, and a brand new gift shop. DCH is growing in every way to serve you better.


DCH is a part of your community.  We participate in a variety of events including the Safe and Healthy Halloween, Health Fair, and Support Groups.  We are very interested in understanding our community members and teaching families how to protect themselves. 

From hosting classes for DMACC to simply being "open" 24 hours a day, DCH is here for you!


DCH values the role all clinical and support staff play in saving lives and preventing disease on a daily basis.  The hospital is staffed by highly trained professionals that know their patient as a friend and neighbor - not another "filled bed".

Our employees are given the opportunity to grow within their position, encouraged to participate within in their community, and determined to make a difference.