Safe Sitter, Inc. Recognizes Dallas County Hospital with Top Honors — 

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—Safe Sitter, Inc. National Headquarters has named Dallas County Hospital a Gold Provider, the top recognition that a Safe Sitter® Registered Provider can receive. The honor is in recognition of the number of students taught at Dallas County Hospital in 2017.


As a nonprofit organization, Safe Sitter Inc.’s mission is to provide life skills, safety skills, and child care training to all youth in order to build safer communities. Safe Sitter® depends on community partners like Dallas County Hospital to help fulfill this mission.


Safe Sitter® students learn how to prevent injuries to themselves and others, handle common household emergencies, and safely care for younger children. Each course also includes first aid and choking rescue. Almost 200 graduates across the country have used the skills they learned in their Safe Sitter® class to save someone in an emergency. Dallas County Hospital’s commitment to teaching Safe Sitter® makes those hero stories possible.


Dallas County Hospital partners with Waukee and Urbandale school districts to offer this course through their community education programs and last year, educated 140 students. For more information or to sign up a student for 2018, please visit or


About Safe Sitter®:

Safe Sitter® is the only national nonprofit training program exclusively devoted to preparing young teens in grades 6-8 to be safe when home alone, sibling sitting, or babysitting. Founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1980 by Dr. Patricia A. Keener, a nationally recognized board certified pediatrician, Safe Sitter® has more than 850 Registered Providers across the United States.


For more information on Safe Sitter®, visit our website at or call 317.596.5001.