Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is a program available at the Dallas County Hospital that assists people who cannot afford medical care - this includes the uninsured and even the underinsured. Our Registration Staff can help determine if you qualify and complete the simple required paperwork.

If you do qualify, and depending on the situation, your Financial Assistance will cover all or portions of the cost associated with medically necessary services provided by Dallas County Hospital, including emergency room visits, laboratory work, ambulatory surgery, in/out patient care and any medications given while in our care.

Your Financial Assistance is ONLY accepted at Dallas County Hospital. It is NOT accepted at Mercy Family Care or at any of the Specialty Clinics that operate in the Dallas County Hospital building.

Your Financial Assistance covers any family members who are claimed as a dependent on your Dallas County Hospital Financial Assistance Application. It is valid for one year from the date of issue. After that time, if you continue to require financial assistance, you will need to reapply. Our registration staff can help you with this process to prevent a lapse in benefits.